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Thursday, 21 February 2013

How to earn money online 24/7

 People think that finding the right kind of job on Internet is tough. But there are so many ideas for legitimate and also scams that they are confused where to go for a decent income.In the quest they tend to give up without putting any effort.

I will say that if you are consistent you can find many legit jobs on the Internet though.
Just follow this article till the end. Well let me tell you that nothing is free in today's world. You have to work hard to just make a decent income on the inter net. MLM marketing or affiliates will generally take most of your time and need creativity.

But I am going to give you some insight on the paid to click and read services. These sites  so as
to say will give you much more returns with only a little hard work on your part . People think that
clicking is not the way to go and give up in two to three days . But if  you are persistent and  are trying to give your best I guarantee that you will succeed.

Most People quit these jobs after 2 to 3 days and I can tell why. They think that joining and earning is very hard in the PTC or PTR sites. But with the right kind of strategy and some patience
you will get  results.

The benefits of joining these sites are:

1. These sites are free to join. The best part is PTC sites are free to join and earn some decent income. What more some sites like ref4Bux gives you much more in terms of money per click.

2. There are many legit sites that pay you instantly. If you want you can cash out at a good pace in these sites.   Reach out the first payment instantly. Then you can rent more referrals.

3. Honest Admin and Forums. Though you will find that some sites respond to quickly to your queries. Go to the forums and you will find answers to your questions about how to payments easily. Also having  problems you can submit a ticket .

  Below are some legit sites to join . Make sure to join each of them to rocket your earnings.


1. A low payout site
2. Honest admin always paying.
3. Many payment processors available.
4. My personal favourite. 
5. Good number of daily ads 50+



1. Oldest and most trustful PTC site.
2. Neobux uses rented referral schemes. You can be sure to get a number of referrals.
3.Opportunity for upgraded members
4.Golden members get added advantage and earnings .
5. 1$ minimum payout.



1. A number of variety of tasks which will increase your earnings
2. Honest admin always paying.
3. Old and trusted site.
4. Clixgrid  for daily can make you extra money.
5. 1$ minimum payout paypal.


1. A number of variety of ways to increase your earnings
2.Trusted site.
3. This site is gaining importance due to its low payout in LR and Alertpay.
4. 1$ minimum payout in Paypal.


1. Potential earnings.
2. Honest admin always paying.
3.high pay per click
4. fixed 5 daily ads earn upto .05$ daily.
5. Low 1 $ paypal payout minimum.

There I have found also some genuine opportunities which you will earn more besides clicking .
They have some true earning programs like Paid to promote also.
What is paid to promote well you can also promote and earn some handsome money if you are good at it.

 How to register

Click on each of the banners above will take you to their site. Register with your username and password. Wait for the confirmation mail.Enjoy earning free money everyday!

These are the most trusted PTC sites . If you have any questions or comments you can reach me on my mail.I will then tell what to do after joining to be successful. Note that Clixsense is the only site which does not allow to rent . But they have really good ads to click if you are persistent.

One Tip though don't join too many PTC sites at a time. If you are not active then there is no point in joining though. Just select 5 or 6 good sites and click a minimum 4 ads daily.

I think most people had a tough time finding referrals for some well known sites like Neobux. In my next article I will tell you how to get direct referrals by downlinebuilders and traffic exchange.

So far these are the best opportunities you cannot avoid. After joining just mail me by going to about page and I will help you out after joining.

Thanks and happy earnings!

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