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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Top Earning Ideas

Ever thought of utilizing your time and  make some money while you surf the net or are online.
I am sure some of you think that it is a pure waste of time but that is not the case with some genuine sites. Well these well organized websites give you a chance to earn while you are at your home or surfing.

Read on till the end as I have compiled the best money making opportunities online.
Generally the sites are mostly scams which guarantee to pay quick money.Read my opinion about the sites we frequently come across:
1. Marketing sites: Websites which give you sales proposal are definitely a waste of time. They squeeze away not just money but your valuable thougts and time.These sites as we know claim to
be MLM or getting quick rich.
2. Easy money making: These sites are promising you to get you on top of the world. At the end these scam you with stealing your information. So at the time you realize it you are totally shattered by them.
3. No type of clicking: This popular platform called ptc sites. Well these are not the ones which are just not paying but I really try to avoid them. The reason?
Well you can realize later that you are working just for earning pennies when you should be earning big.
I think not all sites are a waste of time like the ones which give you opportunity for renting referrals. You can have as many referrals and have some amount of their click income. It is actually
good for passive income.
 If you are like most other people who want to be rich overnight then think again. Is it wise to be always thinking big without checking its authenticity?
So what are the genuine earning opportunities on the internet as of now.

i) I think the top is some social bookmarking sites like Google plus. Do you know the popular google platform also allows you to earn something. Yes it is true. Well but it can be thought of as a pure promotion site. If you own a website advertising on google or facebook is the most preferred way to drive some  worthy traffic to your site or blog.

ii) Did you ever think of earning money while discussing or making new friends. Then myLot is just for you.

iii) If you are a Freelancer type who loves to work for your own niche job then Odesk is just perfect for you. What more you can have an opportunity to sharpen your skills and enhance your profile.

iv) Article Writing: This is the one I love to do as most people would agree. I can learn something at the same time have ideas for writing good. Some good article writing sites are Hubpages and Triond.
I can say definitely if you join Hubpages chances are you can promote your online presence through your own profile page.

I love myLot for the following points:

1. You can post on it multiple times. Posting is fun for most people as this gives you opportunity
 to make your ideas public .

2. Make new friends each day. Making friends is like a breeze in myLot. You can be jostling with
 discussions with new friends.

3. Post your  photos everyday and still earn something.

Which one is the best working program for you. I have substantial doubt that PTC sites are any good.
If you know any other top ideas you are free to share with . Thanks
Well these ideas won't make you wealthy. They are surely worth a try in my opinion.
You can earn while doing your normal day to day work.

Links for the programs.
Have a look over here:

myLot User Profile

The other popular article submitting sites are:

If you like it you can join with this link or you can click the link on  my sidebar written have fun.
Well if you absolutely love PTC sites then you can of course click the banner ad . It is the well
known PTC site which I am currently on called Ref4Bux.

So what are you waiting for. These are the genuine ones which I have used. If you like them you can
comment on this article .

Happy Earning Ideas!


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