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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sharpen your organizational behaviour

Are you yet ready to face the corporate world. If you say yes then it is  better but many People will
have to go through a complete makeover to be a part of an organization.
People are happy doing their day to day jobs but have you ever thought how to go out and meet the
real challenges in life.

The time one spends in an organization is crucial . Not only he has to do well but has to  face a lot of
challenges.An organization is a workplace which can be your second home. So there is a need to sharpen your skills to get above the masses.

Individuals have several habits .Out of these some are good and even bad habits are also there.Youngsters are specially prone to certain habits which are considered as bad. I am giving you an example of a youngster who just opened a page in the internet when his boss was watching closely. You know what he was fired the next day without compensation. So in an organization these habits are most important. Sooner or later , you become the one who you are rather than being unnatural to your boss. You behave in the way you are. But rethink as an organization demands a complete change in this type of behavior.

So what you can do and what to avoid when you are a part of an organization

1. Heed your values: 

 We encounter all type of persons in an office. Everyone has some culture or tradition. This value towards individuals varies from person to person. So the person who believes in this system is generally a welcome person. But social values give rise to corruption . More often than not corruption is not the way to go.

2. Things you con do while joining:

 Getting accustomed to the new environment is difficult for a young entrepreneur .Well you can really avoid some pressures by thinking logically.The common habits that can be followed are:
a) Be punctual
  I try to reach office 10 to 15 minutes beforehand. These does not seem to be necessary but it pays in the long run.

b) Be observing
 You observe many things when in an office. Asking questions and being vigilant about how things are done is a good habit.Though it will take time to learn but you can really reap its immediate effects.

c) Set a distinction between who you are and what not
Be clear about what you are and what you don't accept.While many People including me don't actually pay much attention to this but believe me it matters. Why so?
For the simple reason that you are judged by many and not one.
Be yourself

d)Be friendly to others and heed their feelings
Actually friendly behaviour is observed everywhere not just office. Overdo it and you will find yourself going nowhere.

For example you can look in a video her what the instructor has to say:
 Organizational behaviour video interactive

Do you feel the same way as I have doubt that everybody follows these rules in an organization.
Can you give me more suggestions when we can do it really through communications and lead a happy life in an organization?
But it can really pay. Please make comments and share... 

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  1. This is great list of reminders to keep me on task thanks


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