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Great websites: sit back and keep rolling your earnings!

Today I have come up with something special for all of you guys!

I have had my experience with many sites before this. I must tell you most of the sites which provoke you to join are either scam or not give you what you are looking for. Internet is filled with such programs. So look for I presnt to you some genuine opportunities to earn a decent income online.  


Personally I like mylot  for the following points:

1. If you want to have real fun then join this site .You can join various discussions on a wide 
range of topics. If interested you can start your own discussions also.

2. Upload your photos and be creative in yourself. If you upload photos on your point of interest you can
even earn more.

3. What more you can make friends and promote your personal profile page . Just put your blog address in the profile page. It is an extra bonus.

4. Take part in 
website and at the same time make some real money.

The downside of the program is that they pay minimal for now but if you account for the gradual increase in your earnings you will be truly satisfied.
So if you are interested you can go to this link

MyLot Page

or go to the address on my sidebar.

Well don't think that this site is just for money making but it is a real fun as you can really grow your interests and hobbies in this program.

You can take part in engaging discussions and create one too.

2. Swag bucks


Would you believe if I tell you that you can earn money and also some goodies by only searching the web. This is true!

 Swagbucks is a way to earn money on the internet by doing only fun stuff that you already do daily.
You can win daily points in this website and redeem them for daily gifts or PayPal checks direct to your PayPal account.

This site have multiple ways to increase your earnings:

1.    Search daily using their toolbar and you will earn daily rewards.  
2. Take some surveys or complete daily missions to earn.
3.  Complete some offers for points. They call the system NOSO or no obligation special offers.

 This is a site which I personally like for the following features:

1. You can do search the web and win at the same time. Naturally you search the web daily so you can win at least 10 swagbucks daily.

2. Now playing games also you can earn . Swag bucks have a huge collection of games to keep you at it.

3. They have amazing number of gifts to choose from . You can get at least amazon gift cards and stuff them to 
   send gifts to your relatives.

Please click here  to join swagbucks

For the link you can sign up in the widget on the sidebar of this blog. 

Have a great earning in a fun ride way!


3. Ref4Bux: A Great Paying PTC

 I personally don't like PTC websites that much but if it is reliable and paying it’s just worth it.
So go for this 
website and you won't be disappointed.

This is a site specially designed for new earners.

The site is especially notable for the following points:

1. Low minimum payouts:

If you think of other websites that have a high payout you don't have a chance to well have a massive income but it generally takes ages for that.
Now in ref4bux the min payout is only.01$ and I love it.

2. You can rent active referrals without burning a hole in your pockets. They have a scheme for giving you unlimited referrals in packs. So I make a strategy and rent referrals once I reach my 1$.
You can adopt this strategy and reap results fast.

3. Honest and paying admin:
 Now I like this site for having an active forum. They actually answer your requests pretty well. You
can submit one support 
ticket and they are quick to reply.

Now you can have this opportunity also and I am telling these things out of my own experience. One word
of caution though be active in these sites otherwise you can get next to no 
rewards without referrals.

Links for joining:
Join Ref4bux 

Have fun and if you really find it helpful and interesting then you can join.
You are free to ask me any question about these programs.

Happy Blogging!

You can get  insights on many more earning online ideas in my other blog click here money making blog

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