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Monday, 18 February 2013

Make Funny movies on youtube

Youtube has a host of funny movies. Which one thrills you the most there are numerous examples.
Suppose I watched a popular funny movie like Babies day out and want to post it on youtube but don't know how to go about it.
A funny video clip

Well people generally overlook the potential for you tube for the following reason:
1. They think that there is no way out to have potential customers as there are similar videos out there. They want to gain popular you tube views but don't know how to market them.

2. The job of making  a funny video seems to be too much complicated for them.
   But in reality it is much too easier to get  a good movie on you tube.

For example make a slideshow on microsoft powerpoint and print it on windows movie maker.

The steps to follow for a text only or funny video making are:

1. Open microsoft powerpoint. Click on new blank presentation.
2. On the new slide give a title. Now the Title must be well presented in terms to gain most views
  on you tube. For example you can give popular keyword as funny videos 2013.
 3. Give a suitable description to you slides.
4. Right Click on the slide and select new slide from the menu.
5. Make two or three slides. Then save your presentation.

For saving your power point presentaton:
   1. Go to the File menu.
  2.Select save as . Give your presentation a name. Now don't give any extension to it.Just select      JPEG from the format to save.
  3. Your PowerPoint presentation slides are now ready.

Now open windows movie maker and import the slides for the movie. After editing you can save it in any movie formats. The formats may vary from mpg to windows media video.
If you don't have windows movie maker don't worry as you have numerous alternatives to movie maker. Take for example ezvid .You can download them for free.

Now I think there is no need that you shoot yourself when shooting for you tube. You can give only text and photo slides to make your video gain more views.

Watch how to create one funny video clip:
Funny video creation 

More so if you have some website related to that video then you can promote your funny videos and make it viral.

In what more ways can you make the you tube videos popular . Please comment on the more aspects of you tube videos and how to make them go viral.

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