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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Web trends to follow in 2013

web designers are constantly looking for ways to improve their websites.While there are many modern day techniques in web design some are worth mention. Those not willing to follow these trends will surely be left behind in the race.Just read on and you will be good to go with this web trend.

Responsive design

It refers to the web design which automatically scales down to any resolution and layout..What this means that your website will be more compatible with mobile devices.
2012 saw more scalable websites but the process of doing it was far more complicated.Hopefully this trend should change in 2013 thanks to HTML 5 and CSS3.

Vertical  Scrolls

We can use vertical scrolling in websites for giving our users freedom and usability.Thus in websites the layout elements like menus and the whole width should not change when the webpage is scrolled up and down.Basically the Websites which sell products use vertical scrolling techniques efficiently.
To promote the websites this is really helpful.

 Compatible with Windows 8

The computing world is making new trends for Windows 8 OS. Windows 8 makes full use of IE 10
which greatly supports HTML 5 , CSS 3.0 . So, websites should look good in the metro style interface. Now more and more sites are discontiuing the use of Flash and animated GIF's.
The focus is shifting gradually to new standards in web design like HTML 5 and CSS3.0.
They are also relatively easy to learn and implement.
They have to lay more emphasis on web typography.
smarter web


Use Infographics where necessary

Info graphics are the next web trend to follow in 2013. It is a hype that anyone cannot avoid. The presentation of your information in a visual way greatly enhances the readability and usefulness of your website.

So before designing a website keep in mind all of these trends.

Hope this helped you in your next web campaign.

Share your views and ideas about next web design trends.
Want to go to the next levels by using these trends? Then any suggestions are welcome.

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