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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Browsers new and notable

Web browsers are there and forever to stay in this modern tech enthusiast world. There are some new and notable browsers which I have come across and are most recent.

Gone are the days when Internet explorer was the only choice for users. If you want to have a top insight on various modern browsers then read on.

Internet browsers feature lookout:
1. Features: All modern day browsers are feature rich. For example tabbed browsing or pinned sites
in modern browsers.

2. Speed: We use the internet primarily for speedy access to all our browsing needs.So a speedy browser is a must in today's world. In a nutshell it should load quickly and efficiently.

3. Security: All of us are worried about our online transactions whether it is bank transactions or parental controls or online shopping. So ia secure browser is a must.

4. Ease of use: A browser should be easy to navigate and use so that users are not confused.  A browsers user interface should not be compromised at all.

I will review the important browsers till date one by one.

New and notable browsers 

Google Chrome - the new hero

Google Chrome has emerged from a mere platform to the most popular browser in the market now a days.
Featurewise it is more rich than any other browser till date. the most notable being the Incognito window .This feature provides a more robust and secure online experience. All your cookies and saved passwords are erased on exiting this mode.
It is also the most speedy browsers out there. Its tabbed interface makes it easy to make your way smoother.

Mozilla firefox - customizable and secure

If you want an alternative to chrome then firefox is for you. Its sleek user interface is very customizable.
Firefox is also totally free  . It is the most secure browser till date. If you can bear the pain to install plugins it makes for a much sleek user environment. For example it gives access to all your plugins at one place.
Now one sleek feature that I found particularly useful is a new look through wear a personality. You
can change the whole look of firefox by selecting whichever designs you like.

Internet Explorer - here and forever

It is true that many modern browsers are out there which are there to compete with internet explorer, but nothing can beat internet explorer in its usability and security front. That is the reason it is still the popular choice for many of us.

My personal experience that many pages open only with internet explorer rather than chrome and others.
What more windows 8 works great with IE 9. So  more and more apps will work with IE in near future

Opera-Last but not the least 

In my view opera is the most enhanced browser in terms of customization and speed.
You can have as many themes as you like for your pages and choose from them.You can change the lokk and feel of opera browser with one click.


These are only the new and notable browsers . Many browsers are also worth mention like safari and Maxthon .Google Chrome is all in all a winner in this category. So if you want something from any of these browsers give a try to these browsers at least once.

Feel free if you have your own opinion about browsers . Comment and share
Happy blogging!
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