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How to do things correctly. Users visiting this page will find good tutorials on almost any field of expertise. I am referring to include DIY topics from my blog and every blogs.

Keep watch and you can find updated links to all good tutorials.           

Hi today I am going to share with you someting called virtual world.
What is virtual world? Well it is an online service or community that creates a simulated environment
where users can interact as if in real world.

These can be often joined through web portals or social networking site.
So live life full size in these worlds created just for you.
Two most popular websites which offer these services are:


I particularly prefer secondlife for a web based community. You can think of it as your online identity or avatar.

Your Second life
So how do you go about creating your own identity in these worlds
read here for step by step instructions.
1. Go to the link below for second life.
2.Join the site for a free account.
3.It gives you a choice of avatars . Select the avatar you want and click on choose this avatar.Don't worry for that one now as you can customize later.
4.Create an username in the next step.
5. Go to the next step and create your account with a valid e-mail address.
6. Just login with the app and you are ready to go.

Set up the application and you have got a passport to the virtual world.

So what are you waiting for just be at your own 3d home and enjoy. While your avatars can travel to any destination or shop and interact as if in a real world .

It is a fun ride all in all.

Live life king size!

2.How to encrypt your files for maximum protection 

Hey data geeks want to have a protection mechanism for all your files then go fo encryption.
You can be sure with a more encrypted data files in NTFS.

How to encrypt the files then this is the guide.

1. Right click the folder and choose properties tab.
2. Go to the general tab and select advanced.

3. Select encrypt contents to save your data.

4. Click on OK button twice.
5. Windows will confirm one
   These steps are same for all oses. Further if you can give the keys for encryption it will be better.
  There is a catch however you can again decrypt the data .

For this simply clear the checkbox  in encrypt contents to save data.

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Secondlife your passport to the world

                 3.  How to design your website with Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

Are you a web designer looking for a robust software which you can do for designing websites.
Now the Adobe dreamweaver is just for everyone looking for designing a web page from start
to finish.

             Hot Tutorial Dreamweaver CS6 new version  EBOOK Download here

To design a web page in Dreamweaver things you should know:

1. The type of website you are designing - Get a clear concise of what your website is all about.
   Now choose a niche topic and design it.

2. According to the website your logo should be designed prior to anything else. Design in a
   rough page the sketch of your website. Give all the specifications of the banner heads size
  and the page size.

3. Now choose a new file in Adobe Dreamweaver. It will give you option for fixed layout or                                                resizeable  layout. I prefer to take a liquid two column layout for the website.

4. Edit the contents and other images to your liking.

Just download the pdf Ebook Click here

Getting started with dreamweaver is very easy and is now a child's play. All you need  is to follow the step by step guide after downloading the Ebook. Now I recommend you go through making and designing your site from the beginning. Now you have in your hands new guide to go ahead of others in designing a robust
website in just seconds. What more you can download 100 of free templates for your next project.

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