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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

How to become an effective affiliate

While affiliate marketing is on fire in modern world finding a niche product is most difficult which you would like to promote. When it comes to where to find most digital product the first place to visit is Clickbank affiliate site.

While Clickbank is the major hero in the affiliate system other companies like amazon are not profitable. They only provide with 20-30% in commissions. But popularity wise these sites are good to go. Many People join these sites in the hope that making sales would be easy with them.But in reality they end up going nowhere as these sites require a lot of effort to even get a single sale.

Three points which must be followed in affiliate marketing are:

1. The number of average sales for each product:
This number may go up or down but you may get an idea on the popularity of product. While this is  not a        deterministic factor but still worth checking out in case of clickbank .

2. Gravity:
Popularity of a product
  Gravity gives you an idea of modern trends for te product niche. I usually prefer it to be between 200 to 400 most of the time.

3. popularity:
 The common misconception is that the more popular the product the more easy it would be to get a  sale but on contrary you will find more popular product is not at all profitable.

It is most important to have a proper strategy to go with affiliate marketing. Whether you want to promote your own product or be an affiliate you have to follow some effective strategies:

i) You should be willing to select the right kind of niche for your product. This is important for suppose you are marketing through squidoo then this is the way to go. Naming the product, Give title and publish your squidoo page.

Profitable niche
ii) Look for giving your comparison charts. The more you give comparison the greater benefits and viewership  you will get.Ideal way is to give two or more comparison of the product in different store in your articles.

Find out more about the clickbank affiliate strategy in the how to guides. The main concept is to never give up or you will be thrown out of the system!

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