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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

How to create your personal media server.

Have you ever wondered how to have your own media server. Well you can have it but it requires a lot of effort. But with today's advanced technologies it is no longer a Himalayan task.

So what is media server. It is a simple connected device which stores all your data in one place and  is shared. The requirements of a media server is no longer limited to huge amounts of RAM with large capacity Hard disk drives.  When I speak about media servers its definition covers an extensive range. It may be used for sharing your favorite music, Photos and videos. But It is not limited to just that. It is used for serving  useful information also.

You can make your own media server by a piece of old hardware PC lying at a corner.
How you go about building your own personal server.
Media server 

Here are the detailed steps for WindowsXP.
1.First click on start on your new computer which is meant to be your media server.

2. Select control panel  and go to network setup wizard.

3.Press next button and select " It connects through residence".

4. Enter a name and description to the server and click next.

5. Select the work group found and click next.

6. Now you have to enable file sharing. For that click "Turn on File sharing". Then just click next.

7.   To start sharing create a new folder in any drive.

8. Right Click on the folder you created and select "network sharing" tab and "allow network users to
   change my file"

9.Now go to the computer which you want access.  Right click on my Computer and select Map Network drive.

10. Click "Browse" and select name of the Home server.Click next.

11. To access your media server files simply go to my computer and double click the shared drive.

Wow you have just made a new streaming media server! Now you can copy and paste the files which you need according to your wish.

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Do you have any questions or personal experience? Then you can surely share with me.

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