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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Effective Ethics in Communication

We always try to express our ideas and thoughts in a proper way. Many of us don't have much communication ethics. So they search for how to effectively communicate with People.
Many of us have come across People who are just held in a post for years just because they cannot communicate better.
Due to today's competition in market communication is gaining importance rapidly.

Actually the reasons why People try to communicate is:
a) Communication  is totally different from giving information or talking. In other words it should be precise and should arouse the point of interest for both parties.
b) We can make demands from listeners but I do not actually agree to this.
c)It should  be easy to understand. For the simple reason that we cannot make things complicated
   for our listeners.

In this context  there are three major types of communication categories.

1. Written Communication:

I can say that what is said or heard is very nominal but writing is immortal. It is rightly said that we as humans are mortal but if you write something daily it is an enjoyable act and is always immortal. Written communication is varied in nature like a personal writing, a comment, or even request for
sending information.

Sometimes a bio-data is an effective means of communication. People actually come to know who you are and what we have to say. That is why some blogs have just a page dedicated for our bio-data.

Let us deal the most important communication area that is online communications
  • The major means of communication of this type is e-mail.This is considered as informal communication way in which the two parties which communicate do not meet. 
  • I think at times it leads to casual and most non observing etiquette. The popular example of this are the forum postings . We can discuss anything and everything without even knowing who we are communicating to.
  An improper e-mail format may leave a bad impression on the recipient.So one should closely watch network ethics in communication.

The things I usually follow while communicating through e-mail are:
  1. Writing email or other communication letters in complete sentences. This leaves a good impression on the reader of the e-mail.
  2.  Using regular  English style. The English which can People actually understand are readily         accepted by readers.
  3. Starting with proper salutation and ending with your name. I usually do this so that People  recognize me and have faith in my work.
     4. Spell-checking your document. It is very important so that your readers can understand each and every part of your mail.

    In this regards the things we generally come across are:
1. Formatting. I use formatting wherever necessary to keep my writings more reasonable and understandable.
2. BCC: This is the number of people we are referring to excluding the recipient.
3.Reply to all
 A very convenient thing we can do is that we can click on reply to all so that all the recipients which we intend to send our mail are included.

In case of attachments larger files are a big problem. So if I want to send someone large files I contact him with whatever rules is there. So that they can also suggest me.
One thing I particularly find useful is breaking down my files into pieces.
make life better with good communication. I am sure that you can do well by following these simple and effective rules for communication.

Happy Blogging!

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