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Monday, 16 September 2013

Influence of social media on day to day life

Yes social media is the new buzz for everyone. It is now playing a big role in modern world.
What are its major impact read on.
Now everyone can think of accomplishing things which no one could have dream of earlier.

First and foremost Google and its services have made a point on new and emerging technologies all
the time. They share a big market value. Specially think of it as a major sharing platform.

Facebook is also not left far behind. Never to say major companies like some private organisations are using it as their favorite choice.

What makes these sharing platforms so endearing to individuals and enterprises alike?

1.  Google have automated their platform with various tools which make sharing much easier.
    You must have heard about the new automatic blog sharing which is a useful and intutive tool for webmasters and bloggers alike. But is it really useful. In my opinion yes to be more productive
at the end of day is much more good . why you can be concentrating on your other tasks very

2. Well Facebook has also introduced some cool things like pages. Companies can now quickly enhance their online presence by using Facebook as a means of exploring the world. Did you see that you can easily design your own page with a few clicks. This system is drawing more advertisers and people into Facebook.

Let me share the big picture. First go to and click on create a page link on the right side. Answer a few questions about you and your company.
Suppose you have your own brand then it becomes easier for you to have customers just by using Facebook.

Well do not want to make a page then simply visit . You can list your services on it free of charge. What is more interesting ask or search expert advice to be more focussed.

This page might have given you some ideas about how to explore Google and Facebook. Do you have any questions regarding how to do more with social media sites?
You can share your questions or comments here.

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