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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Be prepared for HTML 5

Over the past few years the web has evolved from a utility to a more personalized  experience.
The rich capabilities once associated with only html and internet explorer has revolutionized into html 5
and other new features of the internet.

Most of you have heard about HTML.This is the language most people prefer to write their webpage in.html 5 leads you to a better web experience .Of course for html 5 you need a modern web Browser.
The list of html 5 compatible browsers include internet explorer 9,Google chrome and all other popular browsers out there.

Let us look at some of the new semantics of html 5 in detail.
HTML 5 represents web pages in a structured layout. In general however an HTML page consists of a
navigation, Body content and a sidebar. It also has a Header , footer and some cool new features.
All of these are achieved through well formed tags.The new markup defined for  html 5 greatly simplifies website creation.Let me list the new tags of HTML 5 one by one

 1. Section. it stands for a geneic document .

2. Header It defines the page header or section of your webpage.

3. footer  It defines the page footer .

4. nav It defines the navigation or links on your page.

5. aside  It is generally a sidebar in your webpage which gives latest news or other interesting piece of     document you can put in.

6. article It is an independent piece of content of document or information .

These tags are to be enclosed with a starting <> and end with </> to be well formed. HTML 5 also supports
css 3.0 which fixes the layout of your web page according to web standards.
                                                     html 5 support
So if you are keen to try something different try html 5 today.

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