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Sunday, 23 December 2012

How to build your own Web community

The web communities in Google and Facebook are hot nowadays.
The other day I also joined a geeky website community in Google+ and I must say it has a wow! factor to it.

Google has been trying to promote Google+ from its initial stages.
I even think that communities are a great way to communicate with like minded people from around the world. Now , my dear friends, hold your breath as Google+ has its own communities feature now.This has been a direct competition to Facebook.

How to create your own community:

1. Click the new community tab on the left side of Google+

2. Select create a community . You should select public and allow everyone.

3. Once it is created personalize with your picture and info.

enjoy your new community.

Social media platforms have  come up with the concept of groups. But beyond all other companies in my view Google+ communities are just incredible.

There is a whole new concept of circles. You can even grow your circles and categorize them.
I include the ones who are closer into my friends circle. Otherwise it
is all up to you to decide how many circles you want to create  and how many people you want to include in it.  

What do you think? Google+ communities is even great to develop your hobbies and your own local commune. This feature will draw more SE O's for businesses and individuals alike.

So in my opinion These communities are a real "on the face" challenge for all such concepts and also for Google.

Express your views and happy and prosperous Xmas to all my bloggers!

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